Impossible Kylie

So why do I still feel this way? Detached and vulnerable. The world on my shoulders. Left alone to face the unknown. With just a wish for what it's worth.

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Firstly I’d like to thank you all since I just reached 400 followers. I never expected that many people to have an interest in this blog, so I greatly appreciate every one of my followers.

For the next five, maybe six weeks there isn’t going to be any activity on this blog. I’m going on vacation with my family, and moving to a different country where I’ll need some time to settle in.

Don’t worry! I promise I’ll be back and if this is the only Kylie blog you follow, and you’d like to continue seeing Kylie related pictures and stuff, there are other great blogs such as lovekylie. As far as I know they’re still going to be posting content these coming weeks.

Have a great summer!